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When it came to Shop D.Lee, my most prized possession was my vendor list - and believe it or not, it still is! My vendor list was meticulously curated through years of experimentation with different brands, research, trial and error. Through attending vendor trade shows and developing connections, I compiled a list of trusted and reliable vendors who time and time again, proved their incredible quality and excellence within each piece that was delivered.


My hope in providing my Vendor List to other entrepreneurs in the fashion industry (just like yourself), is to save you from spending tons of time and money like I did, experimenting with vendors and being disappointed with the quality of pieces and their services.


This is curated excellence - your shortcut to top quality vendors.


What's included?

- 60+ Vendors I have personally purchased from

- My personal comments on each

- Notes on Vendors that gave us our best-selling items

***This offering will be removed on Nov. 11th***

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