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About Dani Lee, Owner/Founder


Hi Friend,

If you are landing on this page, I welcome you into my world for a brief moment in time. My site is a reflection of my "inner world" into the "outer world" - a deep dive into the interests I hold near and dear to my heart. 

As a young girl growing up in a very small town in the "middle of nowhere", I used fashion to birth an identity I saw only in my imagination. I would take out my planner and write out every single outfit I was going to wear that month...down to the socks. I would even go so far as to change my nail color every single day to match my outfits. 

I never went without, but I also didn't have an abundance of clothing or accessories. I would create polished and classic looks out of what I had. I used fashion as a vehicle to "get me out" of the small town I grew up in. Very early on I was able to see that the looks I was creating allowed me to feel like the Dream Woman I had in my mind's eye. 

Today, I find myself at a unique intersection between my passions of psychological empowerment and fashion. I am deeply interested in cultivating those passions in a way that Women who interact with my work are able to experience the power of combining inner and outer beauty for themselves. 

"When you look good & feel good, you open the door for positive energy to reach you"



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