About D.Lee Style

D.Lee Style was created for today's modern Renaissance Woman:

(n) a woman with many talents or areas of interest.

Meet our Founder

I'm Dani Lee, and have never found myself belonging to a specific subset or group. Throughout the years of "marching to the beat of my own drum" I found that people have somewhat of an issue with anomalies—those things that don't exactly just fit into a specific box. I was the girl showing up to business school with a blow-out, fresh pressed lilac pant suit, and 4" heels... not your typical M.B.A student. Or the girl who would dress classy and buttoned up in a tweed skirt set for church and transition into a form-fitting curve hugging dress for an evening date. 

The more I looked around, the more I noticed how many other women were feeling exactly like me: tired of being asked to fit in a box. I curated the D.Lee Style fashion line for all those women just like me, who don't belong in a box! Your wardrobe should be just as multifaceted as you. From work, to the gym, to your favorite rooftop brunch spot, I'm here to help you style your journey to becoming you.