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Are you Dreaming of a 7-Figure E-Commerce Business?

I know I once was. I sat on my idea for 2 years simply because I did not know where to start and I had nobody to turn to for guidance. If I base it on my past data, the decision to wait cost me over a MILLION DOLLARS.

I am Dani Lee.

I spent 4 years working in Corporate America and though I was fortunate enough to have a 6-figure job, a Master's Degree in Finance, and all the accolades that go along with that - something deep inside of me told me that I was meant for much more.

I always KNEW I wanted to bring my own creations, creativity and product into the world. But it wasn’t until the end of 2019 that I decided to take the Leap. In my very first month, I achieved $26,000 in sales! Within a little over a year, I more than tripled those results (see screenshot below). And fast forward to 3 years later, I have easily surpassed to 7-figure mark.

For those of you who are familiar with myself, my journey, and my results...I am so excited to announce that I will now be offering an intimate coaching program to teach others the transformational practices that I put into place to completely change both my life and my business.

If you are ready to commit and invest into yourself and your future 7-figure business with me as your mentor, click below to Book a call with me personally.


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My 30-day results after just a little over 1-year in business:

Now I know that for you reading this page, maybe you would consider that number amazing and life changing! I sure did, but I had to teach myself how to get there. I wish I had a mentor when I started because it could have saved me a ton of stress, time, and money in figuring these things out. 


When I started I had no idea how to:

  • Structure my Finances
  • Strategize an actual LAUNCH (designed to sell out)
  • Manage my Inventory Requests
  • Stabilize my income so I can afford to hire staff
  • Get funding instead of getting myself into debt
  • Think, Behave and Show up every single day as a 7-figure CEO
  • Consistently scale to 7-figures

 I made some extremely costly mistakes along the way once I did start, all because I was bootstrapping my way to success. And though I would not change my journey, there is a better way.

I have taken my entire journey and poured it into this program. 

This is the exact program I wish I had when I started. And I am offering myself as the mentor I wish I had as well.




 The Design your Life: Business Coaching Program


This journey will transform you and your inspiring business...

The 3-month business program features multiple areas of growth and activation, allowing you to take advantage of the experience of an expert, build your business, dissolve your limiting beliefs, and achieve more success than you ever thought possible.

Our Mission within this 90-Day Program is to structure your mind, life, business, product and brand in a completely transformational way.


How will we achieve this together?


Here is What's Included in this 3-Month Business Coaching Program:

✨ You’ll be placed in a small cohort of 3-5 entrepreneurs in similar stages, whether you’re just getting started or you’re ready for a complete overhaul of your existing business

✨ Twice a month, we’ll meet virtually to discuss your goals, and I’ll be working to keep you on track, coaching you through business challenges and supporting you every step of the way

✨ Once a month, you will receive private 1:1 coaching sessions with Dani Lee to support you on a personal level

✨A group dynamic of community members just like you. You’ll support each other, empower one another, and grow together on this journey

✨Helpful business strategies, advice straight from my heart, fashion industry secrets



  • The 3-month program starts at the beginning of September (exact starting date will be sent soon)
  • Sessions will be held in the evenings
  • Sessions will be available on Mondays & Thursdays


Apply for your own 30 minute Discovery Call!


Frequently Asked Questions: 


Who is the 3-month business coaching program for?

Whether you are just formulating a business idea, or you’ve been working on building your brand for years, this program is for you. Its flexible design allows you to apply your personal background and experience, and support is catered to every individual.

You’ll never feel alone in the business world again. The community you’ll build in the program is strong and will last. Support each other, learn essential business strategy, and receive guidance to transform yourself + your business.


When are we getting started?

This intensive program will begin in September.  I am taking the time to vet the absolute best people to join by August and you will have a clear understanding of the pre-work to complete before officially starting within your cohort.


How much is this program?

This is a program you will need to invest into. The entire investment will be $4,997 and there are financing options available where you can pay as little as $450 to get started. This investment will not only set you up for a successful, profitable business but it is meant to help you shift your mindset and identity to fit your goals.


How can I know if this is right program for me?

This is truly a valid question because this is a very intimate group of individuals whose experience I want to curate into the most supportive, ambitious, action oriented group possible. In order to see if we are both a good fit for each other, I have opened up a few time slots for complimentary 30-minute calls to discover if you and your business are truly ready to undertake this coaching program.


Apply for your own 30 minute Discovery Call!


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