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The Secret to Your Transformation in 2023

The Secret to Your Transformation in 2023

The Secret to Your Transformation in 2023: Commitment


The concept of commitment was on my mind for almost the entirety of 2022. 


What does it mean? Does it work? What am I committed to? In what ways am I failing honor my commitments? In what ways has committing worked or not worked for me in the past?


Now, as I stand on the brink of an entirely fresh slate. A clean start. A new year. I feel as though I have no choice but to come face-to-face with commitment.


At the end of this year I will be turning 30. Something about that feels like the end of ‘running’, and the beginning of really giving life my fullest shot. 


So many of the years leading up to this point felt like trial and error. I would try things for a little bit and due to my lack of patience I would too quickly deem them as an ‘error’.


Okay - I’ll try this relationship for a little bit, but I’ll keep one foot in and one foot out, never allowing this person my full devotion. Because I know the pain that comes with loss. Because through that surrender I will lose control and I’m terrified of that. 


Okay - I’ll give parts of myself to this business, but not my full dedication because what if this isn’t really my path? What if I’m missing my calling? 


Okay - I won't drink alcohol for 75 days (and actually feel AMAZING doing so), but I won’t commit to this forever because it might be uncomfortable to think about how this will change my social circle or what I do for entertainment. 


Okay - I’ll put this daily routine into my calendar for the week, but I’ll be lackadaisical about following it. Because what if I fully show up and nothing changes? What if I do all this and I’m still not happy?


Okay - I’ll write this blog every week, but what if through the process of showing up to this writing I find out my writing is not that good and I will have to put to rest my dream of being a writer?


You see commitment is really just the process of us coming face to face with our fears. And that is why we avoid it. Because we are afraid of what is on the other side. 


Through the process of fully committing ourselves to something or someone, an alchemy occurs. It is less about the ‘thing’ or the person, and more so about the change that occurs within us as we quiet the ego and allow ourselves to be surrendered, molded, and transformed.  Only through that surrender do we discover what is really for us. 


…and in practical terms - how do you know if something is truly for you if you don’t (fully) try?


So what if we had the courage to show up and see? 


One example I have of this is losing 22 lbs and creating a physique I really love to live in. One day in Spring of 2022 I decided I didn’t like the weight I had gained or the way I was feeling in my body...


I made a very simple workout plan that included weights 3x per week, cardio 3x per week, and a daily walk. Instead of allowing any excuses to enter my mind, I just simply showed up every day for three months.


Through my surrender, within a couple of weeks it felt like my weight loss was seemingly being performed by a higher power. It wasn’t something I was even monitoring or forcing - I was simply just showing up.


Yes - you could say “but you went to the gym, of course you would get results” and to this I would say - I’ve been going to the gym for years. But I had never been clear in my intention for being there. I would skip days. I would be distracted or on my phone during my workout. I wouldn’t fully give myself over to the workout.


So these workouts were different, they were between just me and that higher power. They were intimate and I really let go. I wasn’t forcing or overthinking. I actually wasn’t even thinking for that matter. I was just committed.


Once this happened, I started to get curious about what else I could apply this relationship between me and this higher power to.


So that is where we are at the beginning of 2023...


I am committed to a 21-Day Daniel Fast (for more information on that click HERE).

I am committed to 30 Days of daily EFT (for more information that that click HERE). For reference, I really enjoy Brad Yates' videos on YouTube.

I am committed to 30 Days of daily Meditation. 

I am committed to 30 Days of moving my body daily (pilates, yoga, cardio).

I am committed to writing this weekly blog. 


I don't have a guarantee for what is on the other side of fully taking care of myself and allowing myself follow my passions, but I trust that I will be transformed along the way.


We are all given a life. That life is our garden. A garden well tended to becomes vibrant, aromatic, and an inviting place for bees and birds to land.


I encourage you to think about what you have secretly been yearning to commit yourself to. Oftentimes, we think that the change we seek comes from “out there”, but it actually starts on the inside. It starts from taking care your own garden. 


Until next week,


Dani Lee, Owner/Founder of D. LEE

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