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Alchemy: The Powerful Lesson of Converting Negative Experiences into Positive Transformation.

Alchemy: The Powerful Lesson of Converting Negative Experiences into Positive Transformation.

Alchemy. My favorite word.


The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho has always been one of my favorite books. I make a point to read it at least once a year, and its simple yet profound message continues to give me faith along my journey. I am amazed at how the message reads different with each passing year, as I grow more wise having weathered life’s many lessons.


Ever since coming across the book I have been captivated by the process of Alchemy. In a scientific sense, alchemy is the process of turning base metals into gold, but in the spiritual sense it has a deeper meaning. It is the process by which one converts negative energy from pain into constructive and positive transformations.


Each of us is born perfect, pure, and with a center of gold. Overtime, life happens. Our gold begins to ‘tarnish’ in a sense - be it by the family we were born to, the kids we went to school with, or the limiting beliefs of the world around us. This mix of factors can leave us in a state of doubting or forgetting altogether the gold that exists within our core. 


The great work of our life is to find that gold again. And by find, I don’t mean that we have to search for it “out there”, rather we get to move things out of the way within ourself to allow the gold to shine through again. 


Okay so how do we do this?


We do this by wholly owning and realizing that we are completely and utterly in charge of our lives. There is no more room for a victim-mindset. 


And how do we go about wholly owning our life?


First, by being totally and completely grateful that this life is yours to make. Are there systemic and structural injustices that exist within our world? 100% - there are, and I won’t downplay the fact that they exist. 


And at the same time, I want you to know that you are an all-powerful being. You deserve the best this life has to offer. You are smart enough, capable enough, and special enough to live out the life you want for yourself. I don’t care who you are, where you have been, or the mistakes that you have made - gold still exists within you.


Second, forgive yourself and others for any ‘tarnish’ that may have occurred throughout the years.


Whatever perceived ‘mess’ you may have created within your current situation - breathe, forgive yourself, and know that you have the creative power to change it.


And if you are blaming anyone outside of you for your perceived ‘mess’ - I invite you to forgive them as well. Yes even the ‘worst’ of them. Even that person who you swore you would never forgive.


It is not for them. It is for you.


Bitterness, blame, and judgement blocks our own blessings by keeping us in the energy of the past. It keeps a negative hold on our mind, and instead of ‘rose-colored glasses’ we see the world through ‘yuck-colored glasses’. When we go about our days wearing ‘yuck-colored glasses’ we can’t even see the new opportunities, the love, or the abundance that wants to find us.


We claim “real love is hard to find” or “good things never happen to me” simply because we can’t see it when we are wearing our ‘yuck-colored glasses’. It’s not an ‘out there’ problem - it’s a vision problem, dear.


Third, get curious. Instead of judging yourself or others for perceived wrong-doings, ask why. 


When you don’t go to the gym even though you love the feeling of working up a sweat and releasing endorphins - ask yourself why.


When you stay in a relationship with the guy who doesn’t treat you the way you want to be treated - ask yourself why.


When you procrastinate on starting the business that you know would take your life to the next level - ask yourself why.


When you shy away from sticking your hand up for that project or new promotion - ask yourself why.


I encourage you to set your shame and judgement aside - and simply ask your inner-self ‘why’…if you get quiet enough, the answer will show itself to you.


This is the process of Alchemy. 


This is how we clear away those layers of ‘tarnish’: shame, guilt, self-loathing, anger, fear, jealousy and begin transforming our life. 


Overtime new feelings make way: enthusiasm, peace, gratitude, abundance, and kindness. As our inner ‘gold’ begins to shine through - its effects become evident in our life and we begin to live in a new and transformed state.


You may ask how I know this - well, I’ve done it. 


And though, yes - I am very much so still a work in progress, my life is far better than it formerly was. As a child suffering from sexual abuse, bullying at school, and then an adult experiencing heart-wrenching betrayal in romantic relationships - I was very much so wearing my ‘yuck-colored glasses’. Through forgiveness (of myself & others), gratitude, and letting go - I can confidently say, almost every single day I am now wearing ‘rose-colored glasses’.


Your gold is there - let it shine through.


Danielle Lee, Owner/Founder of D. LEE

2 Replies on Alchemy: The Powerful Lesson of Converting Negative Experiences into Positive Transformation.

  • Nazeraeh Montrond Nazeraeh Montrond

    I needed this read before bed. God blessed you with so much wisdom, even the power to communicate your growth in your writing. I appreciate the gifts God has given you, stay blessed as always.

  • Channell Channell

    Absolutely love this! Well said. You have inspired me to reread Alchemist as well as ask myself why!? Hmmm…

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